About Me


During her time as a director at Anderson Group BPO, Inc., Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing earned her Master Project Management certification. She completed the curriculum through the American Academy of Project Management, so she could expand her international focus and build her skills even more.

On the business side of things, the Anderson Group BPO, Inc. earned their ISO 27001:2013 certification with Grace on their side. With that certification, the company showed its commitment to following international standards and ensuring quality assurance every step of the way.


Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing always strives to give back to her community through philanthropic efforts. In the early days of her career, she regularly volunteered and donated to the Daughters of Charity in the Philippines to help poor children.

Then, in an effort to help even more underprivileged children, she started the Anderson Family Foundation. Through a partnership with the Bill Gates Foundation, the Smile Train Philippines, her charity helped many kids get cleft palate surgery for free, changing their lives for the better.

By giving back to the community, she hopes to help break the cycle of poverty and fight against social injustice. Her efforts also center around helping improve financial literacy, promote self-care, and empower people to take control of their lives.

Future Aspirations of Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing

The sky is the limit to what Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing can do – and only time will tell where she lands next. In the coming years, she’ll likely end up in another director role and help promote the success of the next business to land on her radar. In the meantime, her philanthropic efforts and personal life take her full attention.

For now, she’s focusing on helping underprivileged children and furthering her self-improvement journey. Her self-care practices include practicing meditation, making jewelry, reading, and focusing on her faith in God. She also developed a love for cooking and enjoys taking the time to learn new recipes.