Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing

Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing is a talented sales director and philanthropist

About Me

Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing is a talented sales director and philanthropist currently residing in California. She uses her people-centric focus to help her team get to the heart of what customers need and provide them with winning business solutions. Her international experience allows her to excel in her roles as a manager and consultant for companies all over the globe.

Although she strives to put her all into her career, she saves energy for charitable activities that serve underprivileged children. Through her efforts, she aims to improve the overall wellbeing of kids living in the Philippines, United States, and beyond.

Early Life

Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing began her journey through life in Manila, Philippines, where she was born to her proud parents. She lived in that bustling city center for her first 14 years of life, learning how to navigate the populated capital with ease.

In her early teen years, she moved to the United States to finish out her formative years in California. After living in a populated city for much of her life, the move felt natural and yet helped her gain an international perspective.

She would remain in the US until age 25 when she moved back to the Philippines for nearly 20 years. While living in both countries, she mastered the Tagalog and English languages, giving her the ability to serve an international audience while building her successful career.


While living in California, Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing studied hard in high school to earn a spot at her university of choice. After applying at several excellent colleges, she got accepted at the prestigious public university, UCLA, also known as the University of California, Los Angeles.

The world of economics quickly caught her eye as she was completing her studies at the university. Her excellent work ethic and ability to grasp tough concepts allowed her to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. She also learned all about the importance of self-care, giving back to her community, and many other important life skills in her college years.


After graduating from UCLA, Grace Abigail Custodio-Bagatsing began working as a healthcare consultant at a company in the San Francisco Bay area. As she gained confidence in the business world, she set out to win her first director role at the UCLA Business Society.

At age 26, she returned to the Philippines to push her career to the next level. She quickly landed at Anderson Group BPO Inc. where she worked as the Country Director and International Sales Director. In that role, she managed a large team of salespeople and account managers plus took responsibility for the day-to-day success of the company.

While acting as director, she helped many major brands achieve their business process outsourcing goals. She served as a true asset to her team, ensuring that everyone had the support they needed to hit their targets time and time again. Her efforts helped lower the cost of doing business while boosting the performance of companies under her care. She has since left that role, but not before making a positive mark on the business as a whole.

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